Saturday, December 28, 2013

The A, B, C's of Contemplative Photography -X

X is for Xenium (and also for....sorry, this is all I have!)

A present given amongst the ancient
Greeks and Romans to a guest or a stranger.  

   Honestly, this is the one letter that I thought I would have difficulty with.  There is only one page of words in the dictionary that begin with "X".  This one, however, is perfect for the contemplative photographer.

   I consider the photographs I receive as gifts from the landscape.  I even wrote a post about can see that here.  To find this word was also a gift.  When I am in a new landscape I do feel as if I am a guest visiting the home of a kind soul.  I am thankful for the images that I receive there.  To see your photographs as gifts is taking the idea of receiving to its logical conclusion.

   Winter is an especially wonderful time to walk in the still and seemingly empty landscape.  Here in Maine it can be a challenge as well with snow to wade through and frigid temperatures to endure.  But finding yourself in a pristine world of snow and ice, silent and untouched, is really worth the effort.  It is a gift I try to give myself each winter.  Just being there in the beautiful landscape is enough, any images I may also receive are just an added blessing.


OddZenEnz said...
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Patricia Turner said...

Why thank you! It is very uplifting when people take the time to comment!

foxysue said...

A gift indeed!
Perfect post for the year's ending...x

Patricia Turner said...

Yes, X often represents the unknown...the "X factor"...X marks the spot where treasure can be found. Yes, good letter to end the year with.

kimmanleyort said...

I love that word. It is perfect for the contemplative photographer.

Patricia Turner said...

So do I! And it was a gift to find it as well. See, just when you think there couldn't be anything else to say, there it is! Just amazing!