Saturday, December 14, 2013

The A, B, C's of Contemplative Photography - V

V is for Veil (and also for Vision, and Value, and Variety, and Viewfinder, and Visible and Visual, and...)

Something that covers,
separates,screens or conceals

   As contemplative photographers we seek to lift the veil that obscures the messages we desire to find in our images.  That veil is usually within ourselves.  The wisdom contained in the landscape is there for all to see but so many hindrances keep us from seeing it and photographing it.   The one I've mentioned the most on this blog is the "monkey mind".  This is my greatest hindrance to hearing what the landscape has to tell me. (You can read this post about ways to calm the monkey mind.  Of course, I encourage you to read Christine Valter Paintner's guest post on quieting the mind if you haven't yet.)

   Recently, I introduced you to the idea of Soul Collage.  I worked on some cards while I was in St. John and I created one card for my  Committee Suit  I call "Monkey Mind".   It isn't finished.  The monkey needs something in its hands but I won't know what that will be until I come across it while I'm gathering images.  Just as I didn't know I was making this card until I was looking through dozens of images I'd cut out and they just came together.  This is what I love about doing these little collages.  They are so seemingly random and spontaneous. It is the intuitive nature of the process that helps hone the skill that later you will need while you are out and about gathering images in the landscape with your camera.  (If you missed the post on Soul Collage you can read it here.)  I'm really enjoying creating these cards and they are becoming a great adjunct to my meditative writing practice.
My Monkey Mind

   As you think about your New Year's resolutions for 2014, add finding ways to lift the veil which inhibits your perception.  It will be the best thing you can do to ensure you will have a year of heightened sensitivity to the world around you and that can only lead to more meaningful photographs.

   Here is a link to my Pinterest board on photomontage...

Here are three more of my Soul Collage cards...

The Inhibitor
The Guardians
The Seeker


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Nicely put together Patricia :)
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