Friday, December 13, 2013

Inspiration is Just a Click Away!

   I've loved doing my Inspired By....series.  There are so many interesting and talented people to learn from.  One of the wonderful side effects of writing this blog is I'm often given links to other blogs or websites from my readers.

   I want to encourage all of you to forward your favorite sites and/or blogs via the comment option.  If you feel they relate in any way to photography or contemplative thought they may be of interest to other readers of this blog.   I will post them on my Pinterest board so people can have easy access to the wealth of resources the internet offers.

   I've always said that we forge a chain of influence every time we meet a new person or read an inspiring article whether they are photography related or not.  Let's make some more connections!

   In the meantime, visit my board on Pinterest and begin forging your own chain of influence...

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