Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monthly Meditations for 2014...

   As I promised, here is a link below to my monthly meditations for 2014.  I've made them into a little desktop calendar.  You can order one of these calendars by going to this link but feel free to download the images and print them for yourself.  You won't have the calendar but you will have the meditation prompts.  All of the images, with the exception of the butterfly which is from my home garden in Maine, were made in Ireland.   You can see the original post I did on the idea of monthly meditations here... 

   Perhaps you will consider gathering your own images this year and adding thoughtful phrases to them.  Think about creating a small book of the images or simply  mounting them on foam core and displaying them on your desk or beside a chair on a little easel.

   A friend of mine order several calendars to give as gifts to her more contemplative friends and these are the instructions I added to the back of the calendars I sent her:

Each month you are given an idea to think about for that month. 
Journal your responses to the presented idea over the coming month.
Do it slowly and carefully and let your ideas evolve over the entire month. 
At the end of the month, write down your final response on the back of each card. 
You will have a diary of your thoughts during the year that you can keep.
   You can do the same.  Print out the images and then, at month's end, write your final response on the back.  You could use one of my hand-made book ideas to turn the twelve images into a finished book.  Anyway you chose to use the twelve images, I hope you have a wonderful year of quiet reflection!

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