Thursday, December 12, 2013

Insights from the Edge...

      Sometimes when I am in a landscape that is new to me, I feel a bit like I am standing on the edge...yearning to move into the meaning and message of the place but hesitant to do so.

   It is like when you go to a party, as many of us will do this holiday season, and know very few of the other guests.  You may stay on the edge of the room, scanning the crowd for a familiar face.  In doing so you might miss the interesting stranger standing right by your side.

   It is human nature to seek the familiar and safe experience.  It takes a trusting and adventurous soul to brave the unknown.

   Find a quiet place around your town that is not a place you usually visit.  Sit and settle in.  Spend some time re-adjusting to this new environment.  You might try the following visual listening sequence.  Journal your responses.

   I. What brought me here in the first place?  Did I seek it out intentionally or did I stumble upon it?  Both ways are meaningful.

   II.  What are my very first, unfiltered impressions?  Do any surprise me?  Do any trigger memories?  Do you feel any judgements seeking to draw you away from experiencing this place purely?

   III. What here feels most "unknown" to me?  This place has something to teach you...what do you imagine it to be?  Are there metaphors to be seen?  Take your time and look beneath the surface.

  After asking and answering those questions, follow your instinctual and intuitive impulses.  Let the power of the location (and all locations have power.  There are no insignificant landscapes.) draw you away from the edge into a centered place.  Do not be a your heart and your mind to the experience.

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