Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Praise of the Little Ones...

   I haven't done an "In Praise of..." post for awhile and I thought I would acknowledge the wee creatures that share this island in the most gracious and endearing ways.  I will begin with the geckos.

   These little guys are quite literally everywhere on the island.  They feast on the pesky mosquitoes so are naturally a welcome addition in the environment.  Having no eyelids, they must continually lick their eyes to keep them moist and they are very quick but sometimes they just need to hitch a ride....

   Next we have the incredibly "sweet"  Bananaquits also known as the Sugar Birds that visit our deck everyday.

       I set out a dish of sugar water and they just love it. Sometimes there are as many as 12 of them on the rim of the bowl.  Hummingbirds also visit and await their chance for a sweet drink.

   The little birds will bathe in the bowl as well and let the sugary water dry on their feathers.  They'll later pick off the dry sugar crystals for a sweet snack.

    And what is my "contemplative" take on these small residents of St. John?  It is very easy.  They are simply doing what Nature intended them to do.  They have no pretensions or egos to interfere with the joy of their daily existence.  The geckos don't wish they were alligators and the Sugar Birds don't envy the flamingo.  They live each day as it comes and they make the best of everything they are given.  Yes, we can learn a lot from the little ones.  Take some time to observe the little ones where you live and marvel at their resilience and courage to simply live their lives.

   I will end with a video by St. John photographer and filmmaker Steve Simonsen.  He has capture the annual migration of the hermit craps that occurs every August here on St. John.  This is another little creature that I've enjoyed so much during my stay....

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