Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Retrospective: The Color Collection 2007 - 2013

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   I have been making color images only since 2007.  It wasn't until 2011 that I really embraced color though.  It occurred on  on my month long trip to South Uist.  Now, it is hard for me to  imagine not doing color work.

   Color images have a totally different impact on the viewer from the monochrome ones.  Some images look better in black and white while others need to be in color.

   When I began to see the world in color rather than in black and white, a whole different world opened up to me.  Color has it's own meaning and metaphoric possibilities I've found.

   Again, as you "walk through" the collection you may wonder at my choices.  It is all about how I originally received the images and what they have come to mean to me over time.  I purposely didn't add that information because it really doesn't matter what the images mean to me.  You need to look and ponder from your own perspective.

   I strongly recommend that you put together your own retrospective because seeing the work together, side by side, is so illuminating.  Contemplative photography is not about the commercial viability of the work, whether it will sell or not in a gallery.  It is such a personal approach and that is what makes it so appealing to me.  I don't have to wow the critiques and neither do you.  Hold your image in your hands and revel in it's message and meaning to you.  If it touches you, that's all that matters.


kimmanleyort said...

I love both of your retrospectives, Patricia. Thank you for sharing them.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Kim. And thank you for taking the time to comment.

Bret said...

Thanks for sharing these images Patricia. Your images make me want to grab a suitcase and buy a ticket to somewhere I've never been.

It's cold and gloomy here in the Midwest but you've got me inspired to pick up my camera today and go capture some photos.

Patricia Turner said...

There are no uninspiring locations just uninspired photographers...go for it!