Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Beach of Bones....

One of the best things in this year of travel was discovering the Beach of Metaphors on Campobello Island in Canada.  I never expected to find one on St. John which is world renowned for is velvety pink sand beaches.  I would be wrong.

   A small, secluded beach on Ditleff point has it's own story, and metaphors, to tell.  It is not only a stone strewn beach but has hundreds of bleached pieces of coral.  I found this sweet heart shaped one the day we visited.

   People had built small cairns with the coral as I had with the stones on the Campobello beach.  I was enthralled with the variety of the coral pieces.  Then it hit me, these really are the "bones" of the delicate and endangered coral reefs that once proliferated in the Caribbean.

    I immediately had a different reaction to this "beach of bones".  Even in this beautiful and privileged location, there are reminders that things aren't as they should be.

   Many of the coral pieces were stag horns, a variety that is especially endangered in the Caribbean.  One of the benefits of a world-wide audience on a blog is I can spread the word about especially sensitive environmental issues.  Back in October I posted about the plight of the honey bee.  You can read that here.

   That was the message I took away from this beach on St. John.  I now saw this beach as a cemetery for the lost coral reefs off shore and I want to pass on a resource to begin educating the world.  Coral reefs have a huge impact on the health of the marine life and it would be a tragedy of immense proportions if they continue to disappear at the alarming rates they are now.  Please post this link on your Facebook page and help spread the word.

   I now see that little coral heart as a metaphor for a re-awaken consciousness about the plight of the coral reefs world wide. Will you help spread the word?


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