Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flowers in Paradise...

   Photographing "Eleanor's Flowers" on Campobello in September had me looking more closely at the flowers on St. John.

   When your eyes are opened to a new subject,  it alters how you approach each subsequent landscape you walk through.  What you would normally pass by you stop and behold.

   Whereas the dahlias of Campobello were so familiar to me, St. John's flora is exotic.  I do agree, however, with O'Keeffe's sentiment above.   We usually never take the time to look into the tiny faces of flowers.
   Everyday, as we trudged up the driveway to our car, we walked by these little flowers on the right.  One day, I stopped and really looked closely at them.  The centers seemed to glow with an interior light.  They were absolutely lovely and I couldn't believe that we hadn't noticed their glorious display!

   I think the real lesson I've learned during my stay on St. John is the importance of taking the time to notice the tiny "insignificant" things.  The magnificent landscapes are a wonder to behold but so are natures small miracles, like this flower.  The pink sand beaches and flaming sunsets are mirrored in this delicate flower and the experience is just as stunning.

   I've decided to make my "Good Crop" of images from St. John a collection of 12 of these exotic flowers.  I hope you enjoy gazing into the tiny faces...

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