Contact Sheet - Saints, Angels and Faces in Stone

     I love to photograph in cemeteries, especially old historic ones.  All of these are from Massachusetts cemeteries and most are from my favorite, Mount Auburn in Cambridge. Mount Auburn is a perfect location for a contemplative photographer.  It is a beautiful, park-like setting in the midst of a busy city.  A serene oasis for thoughtful reflection. The bird life is abundant and a reminder that life, indeed, goes on. The only spot of color in this collection is the young robin sitting on the life amid the ashes of past lives.
     I like to go on slightly overcast days when the light on the stones is especially lovely.  I think my fascination for these "faces in stone" started with Paul Strand's "Santos" series but I know it is a theme I will continue to pursue for a long time.  Who can resist these lovely, and graciously unmoving, models!