A Sense of Place - Corcomroe Abbey, Ireland

   There are few places I've traveled to that have such a spiritual presence as Corcomroe Abbey in the West of Ireland.  Located on the North edge of the Burren, it is a secret, quiet place where it is possible to wander through the beautifully preserved ruin with only the birds and your thoughts to accompany you. Trying to capture the mystery of this place is a challenge but it is the perfect place for the contemplative photographer.

   For those of you who do visit, I strongly suggest you spend some time just walking and sitting before you start to make any photographs.  It is definitely a place that will speak to you if you quiet your mind.

   I found the relationship between the outside view and the dark interiors especially fascinating.  The place had such a profound sense of history that I half expected to see a hooded monk walk by!

      The Abbey is one of those places that you can thoroughly research before you visit but no amount of research can prepare you for the experience within those walls. The monastery is long gone but people are still buried here, services are still held here and there is a sense of loving care that is obvious in the carefully maintained property.  When you are here, the hustle and bustle of the world seems far away indeed.

Click here to walk through the Abbey.
    I believe places retain the energy of all those who have lived within its walls.  I know that the spiritual essence of the generations of holy men who worked and prayed here is palpable.

  I've been to the Abbey twice and each time came away with a different feeling.  I know that when I go again, it will continue to entrance and to challenge me. Places like this deserve to be visited over and over again.In fact, it is the only way you can come to truly know a place.  Each time you visit, it will share another secret with you.

   If you would like to walk around the Abbey with me, just click on the photograph on the right to see the YouTube video I made of my experience.  Enjoy!