Monday, December 2, 2013

The St. John Alphabet...

"A" at the Reef Bay Sugar Mill
    The challenge of doing an "on location" alphabet is not only finding the individual letters but finding ones that in some way are particular to the place you are photographing in.  Doing these alphabets is the only time I actually go looking for the photograph rather than letting the landscape gift me what she will.

  Take my "A" for instance.  I wanted to include some letter that I found at the sugar mills.  I knew, from my previous trip, that only the Reef Bay mill had machinery, which is always good for finding letters.  Sure enough, there was an "A" under the great wheel!   It is so much fun to find them!  It's like an Easter egg hunt!

    My friend Brad Fuller, sent me a link to a rather unique alphabet that a man did using only butterfly wing patterns. You can check that one out here.  

    So, here it St. John Alphabet.  Enjoy!

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