Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Risk taking and the photographic process...

   I honestly thought I was done photographing Gaylord but the cheeky little fellow is simply too tempting to ignore.  His latest antics in the tree where I moved the feeders made me appreciate his uncanny ability to reach his goal no matter what obstacles I put in his way. 

   I leave for Ireland in three days and Gaylord reminded me that it is often necessary to overcome obstacles on any journey and that sometimes our best images are received when we push the envelope just a bit...when we go out on a limb so to speak.

   I'm not referring to physical danger when I speak of risk taking...there will be no hanging over the Cliffs of Moher for me!  However, what I like to remember is that when we rely only on the "tried and true" methods we miss the opportunity of discovering a whole new viewpoint...like Gaylord here.

   We can be content to look at the world through the telescope, which is to say, from a safe distance or we can choose the microscope and get up close and personal with our subjects.  Engaging with our subjects on a heart level is a form of risk taking.  It has the potential to change us and some do not welcome change...better safe than sorry, isn't that how the old adage goes?

   Digital photography has open the flood gates for those willing to engage their photographic process in new and exciting ways.  Sure, not all your experiments will be successful but it is the experimenting that is important since it keeps your mind open to new possibilities.

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