Friday, September 5, 2014

More Than Words Can Say...

  Lately, I have discovered that as I sit on the shore of Little Clemons Pond, journal in my lap, pencil poised, I find I am a loss for words.  Now this is not a common occurrence for me.  I usually find the words flow in abandon.  I believe I am becoming mesmerized by the pond and it has silenced my normally prolific pencil.

   This particular day, I was sitting on the western shore on a part that is very close to the road.  Just a mere twenty feet away cars, and an occasional logging truck, pass by but I tune them out completely.  This is also another side effect of the pond's hypnotizing ability.

   I think I have more completely merged with the landscape here than I ever have before, anywhere, and I'm not quite sure why this might be true.  Perhaps it is a benefit I am now enjoying after spending the last nine years immersed in contemplative photography.  Perhaps it has taken me that long to open myself up fully to the act of pure experience.  Whatever the reason, I am so profoundly enjoying this experience that I must, again, urge you to find your own "Walden".  A place nearby that you can visit repeatedly over a long period of time.  A place where two souls can merge in an embrace of understanding and appreciation.

We must not cease from exploration.  And
the end of all our exploring will be to
arrive where we began and to know the
place for the first time.
- T.S. Eliot


Carol said...

ohhhhh, that is my favorite poem! i wish for you , that your Walden Pond continues to fill you up. Its beautiful!

Patricia Turner said...

It truly is a beautiful place and everyday it shows me a different side to its multidimensional personality. I'll never tired of it.