Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gathering Breadcrumbs along the trail to Diana's Baths, North Conway, New Hampshire...

Crossing the Threshold

The Tiniest of Toads
Leaf Lace
Tree Scar
Contemplating the Falls
Roots and Rocks
The Final View
   There was so much to see, to stop and photograph, along the trail to Diana's Baths.  My favorite one, however, was the final image, the one of the water reflections and river rocks.  I think my time at Little Clemons Pond, enthralled with those reflections, had "primed the pump" so to speak. We are always the sum total of our past experiences.  I spent some time just gazing into the hypnotizing undulation of light and color.  Quite mesmerizing to be sure.  Gathering breadcrumbs along the way always leads you to your final destination and this was mine that day.

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