Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Five Ways of Contemplative Photography: Part Four

4.  With the Eyes of the Lover

   The contemplative photographer who gazes at the world with the eyes of the lover steps beyond mere seeing into the realm of beholding.  It is an emotional interaction that is all about relationship.

   I find myself approaching flowers in this way.  It is not about knowing their botanical names or even thinking about their design and color.  It is purely a love affair on my part.

   I experience this wildly exotic Bird of Paradise with wonderment and rapture.  I don't need to know anything about it.  It is enough to just bask in its beauty and exuberant nature.

   I think this way of contemplative photography is the least cerebral.  It is pure and heart-felt for the sake of love.  This way always leaves me completely happy and content and if I could only approach my camera work in one way it would be with the eyes of the lover.


Bret said...

Hi Patricia,

Do you ever find that on some days you view the same subject through different eyes? For instance today you might view that flower as a lover but passing by it again a week later you see it through the eyes of a poet?

Patricia Turner said...

Absolutely Bret. As you see in tomorrow's post, these five ways are fluid and flexible. Sometimes they act alone, sometimes in conjunction with another. Sometimes they are a progression, you pass through all five!