Friday, January 24, 2014

Exploring the Landscape through the SIx Senses - Intuition

   I know, most of us have learned that we have 5 senses but as a contemplative photographer I know that is one sense short.  It doesn't account for the vital sense of intuition.

   Some people have a very highly developed sixth sense.  Some think, quite wrongly, that it is more a woman's thing, this intuition business.  Even more folks discount it altogether.  They too would be very, very wrong.

    I relate intuitive sensibility to imagination and above all, curiosity.  A curious mind is always looking out for signals, even when we think we are in a strictly rational mindset.

   It is the intuitive part of our mind which senses things before our rational mind can take it in.  It is our soul's radar as it were.  Always on duty, scanning the world for energy pulses.

Intuition is always at work...take the time to listen to it.

    When it becomes insistent, it taps us on the shoulder and says, "Hey, wake up!  Look at this!"  We would do well to listen to the intuitive brain.  It always draws us to the most interesting things...things the soul needs us to pay attention to.

    We all have this intuitive sense even if it seems less than obvious in some people.  It is only that the bully boy rational mind wants it all its own way.  After all, our society values and rewards rational thought and discounts the intuitive heart-felt response.  When I've spoken about quieting the "monkey mind" it is so the intuitive mind has the opportunity to take the floor for a change.  Going with the gut might be another way of speaking about this sense.  When something rumbles in the belly of your soul, take heed.  It's your intuition trying to get your attention...

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