Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Thought for Today - William Wordsworth

   Today's quotation was send to me in a card by a friend who has just recently been introduced to contemplative photography.  It was a lovely sentiment that seemed to sum up the very basis for the practice of contemplative photography for me. is such a poignant word.  It is what I try to do each day.  Even when I am confined to the house because of storms - which seems to be a weekly occurrence this month!

   I started photographing an ice formation from the bathroom window that seemed to change from day to day.  This version was reminiscent of those photographs you have seen that are taken from space. 

   Each day the light created a totally new world for me to behold.  Somehow, these images transported be beyond the four walls of my little house and that was truly a blessing to my house-bound soul.

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