Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Etching - 2014

   I didn't have to wait long for my winter etching for 2014 to manifest itself.  With temperatures hovering at -10 degrees most mornings, the first two weeks of January offered some stunning examples but not where I usually look for them.

   I usually photograph shadows on the snow for my winter etching series.  At least until now.  All last year I tried to see old and familiar things "anew" so why not re-think and re-experience the idea of "etchings"?

   I was tucking the car into the barn in advance of yet another snow storm and I took the time to stand in awe at the beautiful displays etched onto the window glass in the frigid barn.

   A macro lens would have rendered more detail but I love the fern-like appearance of the frost.  What grows green and lush by my house in the warm days of summer now exists in crystal white miniature in the depth of winters cold.  They seemed to me to be the ghosts of ferns past.

   Who knows...perhaps all summer days exist within the winter ones...just a step beyond our conscious awareness.  Looking at these little frost ferns made me think that in some metaphysical way that might be true.

   Good to know this hibernating contemplative photographer doesn't have to travel very far in this bitter cold to experience a sense of wonderment!  The link below may give you some ideas for embracing the winter...Carpe Frigidium! (Just made that up!)


Mystic Meandering said...

Beautiful! Oh yes! The "patterns of nature" are alive everywhere! Have you heard of "sacred geometry" or the Fibonacci numbers? It is my understanding that all of creation is based on these... Very interesting stuff :)

Patricia Turner said...

Yes, I'm very familiar with the concept of sacred geometry. (I have a Pinterest board on patterns in nature as well.) Sacred geometry is the divine fingerprint to my way of thinking....wonderful to behold no matter what your leanings!

Mystic Meandering said...

Oooo - yes - "divine fingerprint"! :) Love it!