Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Enduring Vision - the exhibition

Photograph by Anne Brigman
   An Enduring Vision is an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts featuring works from the Lane Collection of photographs.  I spoke briefly about it last autumn in a post I did about finding inspiration at the MFA.  (You can re-read that here.)

   I'm mentioning this again because the exhibition closes on March 30th and, for those who live within driving distance of the MFA in Boston, you might like to take it in before it closes.

   There will be a curator talk on February 13, 2014 that would be a wonderful opportunity to hear about one couples passion for photography.  You can see a video clip on the talk and exhibition here.

   As Carl Jung tells us, the soul speaks to us through images and just walking through an exhibit like this will find us drawn to specific pieces...ones that resonate particularly for us.   We can journal our thoughts about the work that draws our attention and reflect on the "why's".  It is like doing a Photo Lectio exercise.  It is an easy and illuminating activity for the contemplative photographer.  If you can't make this exhibition, seek out another this year closer to home.  Beholding beauty is always inspiring.


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