Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Review - Pilgrim Principles by Lacy Clark Ellman

   I have been following A Sacred Journey for sometime and I was thrilled to see the the site's creator, Lacy Clark Ellman, was coming out with a book.  With my Threshold Pilgrimage coming up in May, this book was another bit of synchronicity.

   Pilgrim Principles - journeying with intention in everyday life, is meant to be a guidebook for everyone who is interested in living with intention whether they travel or not. 

We set off on journeys far away
 from home and journey in our everyday lives...
And when we infuse our journeys
 with meaning and intention, they become Sacred.

  The book takes the reader on a seven week interior pilgrimage based on her pilgrim principles such as A Pilgrim Immerses Herself in Culture and A Pilgrim Carries Herself with Curiosity. Each chapter offers guided meditations, practices and reflections. Each principle enriches the concept of what it means to be a true pilgrim in our own life's journey.

   The soul serves as the pilgrim's compass.
It is the place where questions become
 quests - where intuition is birthed
and longings explored.

   Every page offers new insights and the possibility of conversion - turning round to experience the world in a new and more profound way.  Day by day you by page.  Each paragraph a step along the road.  Your destination is a clearer understanding of the way these pilgrim principles can guide you to a more fully realized life.  Isn't that a journey worth the taking?

   Lacy has asked me to be "pilgrim in residence" in June this year on her site, A Sacred Journey.  The four posts will focus on the experience of my Threshold Pilgrimage to three sacred sites in Ireland and Scotland.  The first post will come on the last week of my pilgrimage so I will be able to weave the entire journey into four threshold encounters.  I am very excited about this series and I hope you will follow along when the time comes.  In the meantime, here is a link to a trailer for Lacy's book.  I'm sure you will find it an enriching and soul expanding read, as I did...

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