Friday, January 3, 2014

Red Sky in the Morning...

Red sky at night,
Sailor's delight.
Red sky in the morning,
Sailor take warning. goes the old saying.  This particular morning I was just able to get a glimpse of Nature's warning before the sky completely clouded over.

   The flame color peeking through the trees was much more striking than this image implies.  (Can't get them all "right" can we?)  It did give the impression of a distant fire illuminating the sky behind the trees.

   Sure enough, a big snow storm was coming the next day.  I smiled, isn't it thoughtful of Nature to give us a "head's up"!   Time to stock up on ice melt.  

   There are many other ways, far more subtle and less poetic, in which Nature tries to inform us.  That is really the whole basis of contemplative photography...listening for the messages of the natural world.  Sometimes, like that morning, it is a warning of things to come.  Most times it is just the soft and reassuring message,  "Rest here for awhile...all is well."

   Try to enter into a closer companionship with the world around you and see what subtle whisperings it will impart to your waiting heart.  If you want to gather it into an image that's fine.  Just listening intently and thoughtfully is perfectly alright too.



Charlotte said...

A striking and poetic post, Red Sky is one of my favourite old sayings.

Patricia Turner said...

It seems as if New England in particular is awash with this sort of folk wisdom. My Grandmother, who was born in 1890, at a list as long as your arm!