Monday, January 13, 2014

More Meditations from the Back Porch...

   In my January 3rd post I mused about the red sky I saw that morning from my back porch.  Today, it is the dark grey sky and snow laden trees.

   The most recent storm left my little farmhouse buried and created a winter wonderland around the property.  Without even venturing off the porch I could take in the beauty and stillness...the solemn grey sky.  I had this same sense of quiet awe when I stood in the cathedrals of France.

    It was a journey of 3 feet (in my slippered feet too!).  I speak so much about pilgrimage and distant locations, I sometimes forget that everything you care to know is available to you in your own back yard.  (Remember Dorothy and that whole Wizard of Oz thing?)   It also reminded me of Brother Paul of Gethsemane Abbey in Kentucky who has spent the last 50+ years in one location.  He's never at a loss for inspiration and neither should you be.

   Although the sky started out grey and foreboding, it turned into a lovely day of sunshine and blue skies.  The red sky the other day warned me of what was to come in a rather cheery, emblazoned way.  This sky seemed to foreshadow an inclement day but it turned out just the opposite.

   So...conclusion?  Appreciate the momentary beauty of each day for the grey is as lovely as the blue.  Worrying on what is to come is futile...fair or is what it is.  The red sky may have been Nature's warning signal but the grey sky was just Nature's way of acknowledging and praising the storm...which I did as well when I gathered in this image.


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