Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beach Breadcrumbs...

   My first full day on St. John and it was off to Maho Bay beach.  Coming from the cold North, the warm Caribbean water was heavenly.  I was not thinking about photographs but I did pick up a few "breadcrumbs" while I was there.

   It seemed the light was illuminating little patches in the sea grape trees I was sitting under.  When I looked up above my head, this beautiful yellow leaf was glowing, radiating happiness it seemed to me.  All the other leaves around it were a deep, sober green.  I did feel, I have to say, that the universe was winking again.

  Later, as my friend and I walked the beach, my eye caught another patch of bright yellow amongst the green vegetation.  The little heart shape was charming and quite unexpected.

   Back at our chairs I put my camera away.  I was content with my two little breadcrumbs but the landscape wasn't through with me yet.   When I looked up from my book I glanced at my friends chair and there it was...the letter "D", as a shadow on the sand!  A possible St. John alphabet?

   Now really, how could I possible resist that invitation from the landscape!?  So, I guess I'm on a mission for the next two weeks to see if I can find the other 25 letters of the alphabet.  It is something my friend, who is not a photographer of any sort, and I can do together.  Stay tuned!

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