Wednesday, November 20, 2013

View from Above...

   My cell phone is opening all sorts of new doors for me.  With the many trips I've taken, I've never done the "view from the window" as I flew.  This view was made just as we made our approach to St. John in the US Virgin Islands where I will spend a couple of weeks.

   As I looked out the airplane window I was instantly reminded of the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings she did later in her long career which she called "Sky Above the Clouds".  We only see the clouds from below.  They look amazing when view from above.

   As with so much in our world today, this miraculous view is now common place.  Now no one gives it a second glance.  On our flight, I was the only one gasping with delight as I looked out my window.  I tried to see it as if I'd never seen it before and, because of my cell phone camera, I was able to record the image.

   What I found interesting was how much it reminded me of a terrestrial landscape with a distant mountain range and lakes and even clouds above the clouds.  That one puffy white formation was what made me want to record this image.  I found it all stunning to behold.

   I hope I will always keep this sense of awe of the natural world.  I can't imagine a time when a view such as this becomes ho hummingly mundane.  I guess that will be the time for me to hang up the camera.

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