Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are you a Nemophilist?

   It's alright...I'm one too.  Just in case you aren't sure if you are a nemophilist or not, I'll give you the definition:

A haunter of the woods;  one
who loves the forest and its
beauty and solitude.

   I think I would also add, "and its mystery" to that definition.  I particularly love the mystery of a dark forest.  It seems to hold onto things we can only guess at.

     There is such a wonderful embrace when you walk a woodland path.  You are surrounded, enclosed.  Sometimes you can hear the rustle of leaves but most often you cannot see what is making the noise.  You often cannot see the sky or what is in front of you.  You aren't sure whether to go on or turn back.  "Back" is knowable..."forward" is a risk.  But with the "forward" comes the possibility of new discovery.  It is that possibility that must overcome the risk.

   You pathway is uncertain.  There are roots and rocks and plenty of opportunity to trip and fall.  It is a lot like life really.  This is where faith is needed.  Faith that you will come out of the forest, that you will find your way.  Faith that you will overcome whatever adversity the path presents you.  Faith that just because you can't see the sky doesn't mean it is not there.

   And like life, you can focus on the dark shadows with fear or the light infused spots that speckle the way with hope....it really is your choice.

   For those of you who haven't given in to your inner nemophilist this Autumn, here is a lovely video to savor....

   ...and here is a link to a lovely look at the fallen leaves in Harvard yard with accompanying quotations from famous writers.  My favorite, and the one that really resonates with today's post, is by Henry David Thoreau (definitely the supreme nemophilist!) - "I have a room all to myself.  It is Nature."


Matilda and George said...

Dear Patricia

I'm so glad to have discovered you! I was searching for a Jung quote which took me to one of your posts. I am too a fellow whatchamecallit and cannot live without the "wildness and wet" as Hopkins calls it. You write beautifully and your photos are inspiring.

Patricia Turner said...

Welcome to A Photographic Sage! I hope you enjoy the journey and thank you for the comment!