Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Touch of Blue...

Red, White and a Touch of Blue
Another snow storm and another peek at my crab apple tree.  Today, in a white white world I was rewarded by a touch of blue.

   The bluejays love the crab apple tree because the tiny, shriveled berries stay on the branches all winter and make a nice treat for the jays on a cold winters day.

   It was why I planted it many years ago in memory of a favorite aunt who loved to watch the birds out her window.  She lived in the city and had a tiny postage stamp sized backyard.  She cherished the birds who came to her feeder as emissaries of Nature...just as I do now.  I think of her every time I look out at it.

   One sometimes feels that color is not Winter's strong suit but one needs only to be patient to find touches of it here and there in the white landscape.  I've really been enjoying my Wu Wei Winter this year and I keep my camera near my kitchen window for moments just like this.  Blurry white snow flakes, red berries and that lovely touch of's no wonder that I keep returning to this "well" day after day.


Here's looking at you kid!

   The sun came out eventually, of course, and with it came Gaylord!  I thought I'd add this latest photograph of him for all the members of his fan club.

   I wonder what he's thinking?!  Probably, "Hey, no autographs please...can't you see I'm busy!"




Mystic Meandering said...

Ha-ha - Gaylord has that look in his eye like - What! :)

Patricia Turner said...

He is such a cheeky fellow! I couldn't resist posting this image. Sometimes, contemplating a whiskered scamp is great fun!