Monday, October 20, 2014

Metaphors: Coming Together and Drifting Apart

   These trees offer a lovely way to contemplate relationship.  They started out as one and split apart for awhile.  Then, for some reason that I can't fathom, they came together and grew as one tree for quite some time.  And, equally inexplicably, they went there separate ways for a second time!

   Honestly, I sat on a nearby log and looked at this tree for quite some time.  What made them split? What brought them together again? And why, after rejoining, did they split yet again?  (The light in the space is really the sun striking a white birch that was growing right behind this tree.  I thought it added another level to the metaphor.)

   We have all had people in our lives that we were very close to for a time and then just drifted away from.  Somehow, we needed them in our lives for a time.

   Maybe we needed them for support, maybe they had something to teach us but they came and went...we grew together and then grew apart, like this tree.

   Holding on and letting go...two human traits and, it seems, a tree trait as well.  The wisdom of the forest never fails to amaze me.

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