Sunday, September 8, 2013

PhotoTao Card #39 - Fear of Life and Death

Fear of Life and Death
Through Tao you will know that which
truly lives.  And through it you will
know that which will never die.  You
will know the eternal nature of things
- Exercise -
  Nature is the supreme metaphor for 
the eternal.  In the small flower
sprouting in the crack of a city
sidewalk, Nature shows that it endures. 
Look for these metaphors today. 
All things begin and all things
end so that they may begin again.

The Circle of Life
   There is a place on Monhegan Island where debris from a ship wreck litters the rocky shore. Pieces of the hull are scattered over the rocks and lie quietly rusting in the sun. I love the color and texture of rusted surfaces. In this piece a circle lets grasses grow through. Maybe they get some nourishment from the iron or the metal warms the rock and encourages growth. I did see it as a kind of symbiotic's death brings another life. It is an eternal circle and we are just a tiny part of it. It has gone one long before we arrived and will continue on long after we depart. There is something wonderful about that idea to me.

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