Saturday, September 28, 2013

The A,B,C's of Contemplative Photography - K

K is for Kindle (and also for Knowable and Kindred and...)

To stir up, arouse; 
To bring into being

   I know that when people hear the word "kindle" they immediately think of the e-book reader but for the contemplative photographer it has a more intimate definition.

   When we are in the landscape, awakening to the power of its subtle message, it will kindle a profound effect in our hearts.  We want to respond, to translate this subtlety into a concrete artifact...our photograph.

   Traveling this week with a "non-photographer", it was interesting to note our different reactions to what we experienced in the landscape.  She reacted as most people do, a casual and brief "How nice." and then it was on to something else.  From time to time I had to separate myself from her so I could spend more time in a place that had kindled my fascination and almost demanded my attention.

   I think this is one of the side affects of devoting yourself to contemplative photography.  You can never be content with a mad dash through landscape.  It is as if you have a built in frequency that is always tuned into the landscapes powerful force.  You are more aware of the under current of energy that flows through every place and it affects you...deeply.  All your senses are enlivened and if you try to travel with a pilgrim's heart, as I always try to do,  you will not be content with the superficial experience.

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