Sunday, September 15, 2013

PhotoTao Card #40 - Tao and Te

Tao and Te
Tao is essential and unknowable.  Te
understands Tao and is Tao's protector.
Te allows Tao to flow uninterrupted.
- Exercise -
  Seek out an "unknowable location...a
busy street corner or a crowded
amusement park - any place that is visually
overwhelming.  Pass through and absorb
the chaos.  Distill it into a series of 5 or 6
 images that are "knowable".  What have
you chosen to "know" in this location?
What does this choice reveal to you?

Into the Center
    The cathedrals in France were places that I found visually overwhelming. The hoards of people and the interior ornamentation, there seemed no place to rest the eye.

    This image was made in Chartres cathedral when I stopped and looked up at the vaulted ceiling. This was "knowable" to me. The lines leading into the center...coming to rest in the tiny void.  Paths can lead this way...into the center, into a place of rest.  Taoist painting always gives the viewer a place for their eye to rest.  It is what I find so appealing about it.
   This is a wonderful exercise to try when you find yourself overwhelmed with choices of what to photograph.  Look for the calm within the storm of visual imagery.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and then look for the point of'll find it.


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