Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On Location - Star Island...My "Icon" of the Experience

   This is the icon of my experience on Star Island.  It is an image that speaks to the whole of my time there in a single photograph.  I always try to find one such "icon" when I return from a trip and have had time to sit with my images for awhile.

   The little chapel represents the historical context of the island and was a focal point during my brief time there. The cloudless strikingly blue sky was a daily occurrence.  The stone landscape, prevalent all over this island is what gives the Isles of Shoals their name.  And finally, the beautiful colored yoga mats, laid out in the sun to dry is a nod to the educational emphasis on the island.  Conferences of every description are held there every summer.  (Hmmm....what about a Contemplative Photography retreat to Star Island in 2014?)

   I loved the way the yoga mats seemed to be laid out to determine which best matched the blue giant paint samples!  I nearly missed this because it was located off the main pathways, behind the hotel.  It is where the back door of the kitchen is and the less than picturesque propane tanks and building materials are stored.  This is a very good example of why it so important to get off and explore these "back door" areas when you are visiting a new place.  Remember, there are no "bad" locations....

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