Monday, September 2, 2013

Photographic Subject Matter - Architecture

   My most extended and in-depth photographic study of architecture was my Rural Geometry series.  You can see the folio if you scroll down the right sidebar.  You can read the post, Photographing the Familiar, in which I talked about the long-term project involving the buildings in Tamworth, New Hampshire.

   There seems to be a trend in photography lately of photographing abandoned buildings - either rural or urban.  I must confess I do like exploring these decaying edifices.  I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting surfaces, peeling paint being a favorite.  In the Outer Hebrides of Scotland you often come across these types of buildings.  It is a good way to contemplate impermanence.

   Specific architectural features like doors and windows are also excellent contemplative subject matter.  I've devoted a board on my Pinterest site to the subject...check it out here.

   The image on the right is of an abandoned house in the Western Isles.  The grass and flowers growing on the window sill makes one think that this is a house that's been vacant for a long time.  Birds and other creatures had taken up residence yet the walls seemed strong and solid.  The house is being consumed, albeit slowly, by nature.  No matter how well and sturdily we build, without our constant vigilance our best efforts decay and return to the earth.  There certainly is a message in that.


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