Friday, September 20, 2013

The A,B,C's of Contemplative Photography - J

J is for Juxtapose (and also for Judgement and Joy and....)

"place or deal with things that are
 close together for contrasting effect"

   One of the strongest ways you draw out the hidden wisdom of the landscape is through justaposition.  The resulting contrast engenders many possibilities for reflection.  We tend to respond intensely to these occurrences.  I look for them wherever I am...I am drawn to this kind of image.

   It is the sometimes innocuous quality that draws our the tiny flower growing from a crack in the dirty sidewalk.  Had the flower been in a garden, we may not give it a second glance but justapose it with the harsh concrete and it stops you in your tracks.

   I prefer to find these sorts of images in the landscape rather than to create them but that is also a possibility for the contemplative photographer.  Some photographers like to carry a small, personally significant object with them and then find unique places to put it.  I've only done this once, on St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  I carried a small, silver starfish around and found interesting places to put it.  It seems a bit contrived to me but there may be other ways to create your juxtapositions in less obvious ways.  It might be fun to think about this and then try it...see what comes of it.


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