Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inspired by Paul Caponigro...

In my years of photography I have learned that many things can be sensed, seen, shaped or resolved in a realm of quiet, well in advance of, or between, the actual clicking of shutters and the sloshing of films and papers in chemical solutions. I work to attain “a state of heart”, a gentle space offering inspirational substance that could purify one’s vision. Photography, like music, must be born in the unmanifest world of spirit.         - Paul Caponigro

   In this year of exploring close to home, I turn, again, for inspiration from the New England photographer, Paul Caponigro.  His book, New England Days, is one of my favorite photography books...for many reasons.  He has such a wonderful sense of place, no matter where he works.  He peels back the layers of obstruction to reveal the essence, the purity of a landscape, an object, or a structure.

   I love his goal of attaining a "state of heart".  How perfect for the contemplative photographer to ponder!  His mention of the space before or between clicking the shutter reminds me of the importance of photographing with the mind before you use the camera, visualizing your images.

   Caponigro has photographed the Olson House in Cushing, Maine many times.  It is the same house Andrew Wyeth made famous in his painting entitled Christina's World.  You can read my post about it here.  Unfortunately, you need special permission to photograph in the house but the outside has plenty of potential.

   Caponigro is also famous for his studies of the landscapes detail as well as for his still life work.  I think it is important to find out about photographers working in your area and not simply look to the more world renown practitioners of the photographic medium.  Check out local galleries and museum and begin to become acquainted with the local talent.  I'm sure there will be much to inspire you.


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Andy Ilachinski said...

PC is one of my spiritual / aesthetic mentors, and his New England Days a continued inspiration as well. What a joy to turn to your poetic words and PC's imagery over a morning coffee before starting work...thank you Patricia :-)