Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PhotoTao Card #26 - Nature's Caring Hand

Card #26

Nature's Caring Hand
When we look at Nature we see
integrity.  With a deft hand, she is
constantly at work keeping the balance.

- Exercise -
   Try creating a photographic diptych.
This is two images that balance with each
other in some way.  They may represent
true opposites like light and shadow or be 
a subtle extension of each other. 
delicate tree branch from one photograph 
may morph into a crack in a rock in the other.
Mount the two images side by side and see if
their juxtaposition suggests any new thoughts.  

 This is not something I've done a lot but the idea of pairing images has always intrigued me.  These two images are nature studies from the Burren region of Western Ireland in County Clare.  I thought it interesting that the wild daisies and the white lichen on the stone had  such similarities.  It shows the synchronicity of the natural world.  So many of these exist if you go looking for them.

These pairings would be also very interesting if you found a man-made image that seems to mirror a natural element.  The possibilities for these diptychs is endless.

   Of course, you can look for opposites as well in true yin/yang fashion.  Light and dark, open and closed, busy and quiet...the list goes on and on. The important thing is that these pairings, regardless of how you approach it, will offer new paths for your reflections to follow and isn't that the real goal of contemplative photograhy?  Consider creating small books of your images.  Visit my Pinterest site - Handmade Books for Photographers - for some ideas.


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