Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guided Meditation #4 from the Thoreau Farm Contemplative Stroll...

Guided Meditation # 4

A good traveler has no fixed
plans and is not intent
upon arriving.

A good artist lets his
intuition lead him
wherever it wants.

#27 in the Tao te Ching
-Lao tzu

Thoreau practiced walking meditation every day in the form of his “saunters” around Walden Pond and here at Two Boulder Hill.  He often set out with no specific destination in mind.

In Taoism, walking meditation relies on the wisdom of one’s own heart to take you where you need to go.In this final mediation practice, turn on your heart’s GPS and allow it to direct your steps.

From the Dead and Decayed, New Life
·        Be non-judgmental…

·        Be open to the spontaneous and the serendipitous…

·        Experience your walk with child-like eyes and ‘play’ with your camera…

  Gather, through your photographs, whatever "breadcrumbs" you find along the path.

   Slowly, begin your walk back to the farmhouse and remember, above all else, to follow Thoreau's example and...              
                 WALK WITH WONDER!

This is the last of the guided meditations from the contemplative stroll to Two Boulder Hill.  Remember that all of these meditations work just as well in any location you chose to visit and the last phrase is the most important, wherever you are!


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