Friday, May 3, 2013

Guided Meditation #2 from the Thoreau Farm Contemplative Stroll...

Guided Meditation #2

When a photograph functions as an Equivalent we can say that at that moment,
 and for that person the photograph acts as a symbol…

Photograph things for
not only what they are
but for what else
they are.

-Minor White

Thoreau fully embraced the metaphorical capacity of Nature.  You may find yourself in a place where the hand of Man has left its mark.  This is a good place to explore the role of Metaphor in your camera work.

·        What “Remnants” do you see?

·        What relationship do they now have with Nature?

·        Do any metaphors suggest themselves to you?

The Space Between
   The ability to explore visual metaphor in the landscape is essential for the contemplative photographer. Sit quietly and look around you.  You may see metaphor through the remnants of Man or in juxtapositions of natural elements but don’t be concerned  if they are not obvious to you.  This comes with practice.

   When something draws your attention make a series of images. Try a vertical format and a horizontal  format for each photograph.  How does changing the way you hold the camera effect your perception  of the subject?   Also try changing your perspective. Photograph from above or at eye level if possible.  How does this shift in perspective change your understanding of the subject?

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