Monday, May 20, 2013

PhotoTao Card #27 - Humility

Just a reminder, if you haven't seen all the PhotoTao cards in this series, you can find a link to them in the right side bar.  There will be 50 cards in all and you can copy and print them to create your own deck of inspiration for your photography.

Card #27

Tao infuses what is great and what is
small with the same nurturing energy.
Relax; let yourself be taken care of.

- Exercise -
   There are no insignificant subjects.
All are fueled with contemplative
potential.  When you are in a place of
immense beauty, look for the smaller
views as well as the grand ones.  
Instead of photographing the crashing 
waves at the seashore, look to the tiny
rock pools for inspiration.

Branching Out
    On the West coast of Ireland, the sea coast is a spectacular sight.  Rocky bays, dramatic cliffs and crashing waves; is it any wonder that the people you see have their cameras pointed straight head?  This card asks you to turn your cameras gaze down, to the small and seemingly insignificant details at your feet.  

   Away from the water's edge, I found this "still life" of kelp and seaweed.  The colors were lovely and I spent some time making studies of what I saw.  A woman and her little girl came up to me to see what I had found so fascinating.  The woman merely smiled at my enthusiastic description of this scene but the little girl "got it".  "Look Mommy," she said. "These look like little trees!"  I helped her pick a nice bright yellow one and told her mother to press it between the pages of a book so it would dry out and her small daughter would have a memory of their beach walk.  I've always wondered if she did.

   Go in search of your own small details of the places you visit this year.  Remember, there are no insignificant subjects only closed minded photographers!


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