Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guided Meditation #1 from the Thoreau Farm Contemplative Stroll...

Guided Meditation #1

With an eye made quiet
by the harmony and
the deep power of
joy,  We see
into the life of things.

-William Wordsworth

Thoreau used all his senses as he walked through
the landscape. (These guided meditations, although
written for the Thoreau Farm, can be used at
any location.)
  • What sounds inspire you in this place? 
  • What does your hand ask to touch?
  • Do any smells awaken memories in you?

Invite all your senses to participate in the
experience of this singular place and see
what they inspire you to photograph.

      Experiencing the landscape with the senses first, before you pick up the camera, is a good way to begin any contemplative stroll.  Taking the time to just sit and journal you thoughts will inspire connections that you may not have thought of if you hadn't taken the time to do this visual listening exercise. Slowing down is a very important first step.  Repeating the Wordsworth quote, even just the first line, slowly, over and over, will still your mind and focus your senses on the place where you are. Then you can pick up the camera....

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