Monday, March 3, 2014

Contemplative Possibilities - The Beauty of Rust

   When I journeyed to Japan in 2007 I was introduced to the concept of Wabi Sabi.  It is an aesthetic that sees beauty in imperfection.  It is an understanding of the impermanence of everything.  It was an idea that I had already embraced.  I was always fascinated by peeling paint and rusted I had a name for it!

   Many of the resulting photographic studies of rust I've done over the years are almost abstract.  I could easily see them as paintings.  They are like those ink blots that the psychologist shows you.  Everyone sees something different in their non-literal design.

   I saw a map in the rust and peeling paint on the deck of the ferry I took to Deer Island this past September and it became my post, Charting Innerscapes.  You can read that post here...

   I encourage you to consider working occasionally in a thematic way this year.  I will be exploring different possibilities on this blog under the subject heading of Contemplative Possibilities.  If you have any favorite themes of your own, please share! I would be interested in seeing your responses.


   Of course, you can go searching for rust in objects as well.  This rusted chain was lovely next to the turquoise rope.  It was the contrast of the rigid iron links and the flowing rope that excited my senses when I came across them, along with the color contrast.

   This is one of those images that can be looked at on a couple different purely a pleasing composition or a more contemplative study of freedom and restraint.

   Either way, this simple and commonplace arrangement of ordinary objects has a lot to offer the contemplative photographer.



kimmanleyort said...

Oh you know I love rust too and wabi wabi. My main theme lately is abstract, which ties nicely with contemplative photography I think, because it's about getting to essence.

Patricia Turner said...

What is it about rust and peeling paint?! When I really came to understand the concept of wabi sabi it opened so many new ways to contemplate the world.

foxysue said...

I love wabi sabi too because it has no plan! The beauty is inherent, just IS, to those who perceive and therein lies the mystery ~ not all who have eyes see! x

Patricia Turner said...

Well put, Susan. I feel that when a person can really appreciate the beauty of rust or peeling pant they have achieved something wonderful.