Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Contemplative Souvenir...

   Last September when I was in Pembroke, Maine I collect stones on the Beach of Metaphors.  I'm finally getting around to creating a stone collage to have framed as a souvenir of my stay Down East.

   The text will actually be printed on acetate and placed behind the glass of the shadow box so the shadow of the words will be projected between the stones.

   In a previous post I talked about the souvenirs I've collected from previous trips.   Although I do buy pieces of art from local artists, some of my most favorite souvenirs are the "found objects" gather on the "Pearl of Great Price" I recently wrote about.  This stone circle will be a piece I can hang on the wall and reflect on every time I pass it.  It makes it all the more special that I gathered the stones myself.

   I've already begun to prepare for my up-coming Threshold Pilgrimage.  I'll gather more mica "tokens" ,once the snow melts, that I will leave in special places on my journey.  I've completed my Vade Mecum to carry in my backpack "scrip" and I'm daily adding words of wisdom to it.  I'm even considering the purchase a smaller, lighter camera to simplify my packing.

   I have no idea what sorts of "boon" I will return with...what contemplative souvenirs I will gather en route.  That will be the joy of discovery.  Consider gathering contemplative souvenirs as you travel this year.  They will be far more meaningful than the standard tourist fare.  Your souvenirs should be more that mere objects, they should open a flood gate of memory for you.  Those are the ones you will keep for a life time.

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