Thursday, March 20, 2014

Contemplative Possibilities - Patterns of Light

   After this long, grey winter it isn't surprising that my thoughts turn towards sunlight.  The lengthening days are such a relief! Today is the vernal equinox; we've reached the half way point.  For the next three months our days will be filled with more and more divine light.

   My Grandmother use to tell me that as a small baby she would put me on a blanket in the sun on the kitchen floor.  As the sun moved, I would roll to stay in the sunlight.  Now I delight to see Emerson seeking out the sunbeams each day to sleep in. He becomes almost "catatonic" in them. (Pun intended!)  All creatures are attracted to light it seems.

Light is the symbol of truth.
 - James Russell Lowell

   I started photographing these moments of light around my house.  I love the patterns they create as they pass through objects.  This is, indeed, a wonderful contemplative possibility for you to try sometime. You don't even have to leave the house for this one!

   Emerson drew me to these three images.  The one above I noticed in the kitchen when I put down is morning slurp of milk. (He gets a tablespoon everyday as a treat!)

  These two were on the screened porch.  Emerson goes out there every morning for his "airing".

   I could have ignored these simple light patterns as I went about my daily rituals of caring for Emerson but these are the beautiful little occurrences that one should pause and consider.  The more you wrap yourself in a contemplative mindset, the more these small moments of "enlightenment" will reveal themselves to you. (My, I'm really on a punicious roll this morning!)

   You can see other moments of light on my Pinterest board...


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