Friday, March 21, 2014

Opening Up the Window...

The eyes are the 
windows of the Soul.

   This old English proverb can be traced to many sources including biblical and ancient Roman.  It also fits in very nicely with my Jungian belief that the soul not only speaks to us in images but responds to them as well.

   With the Spring Equinox we find ourselves full of yearning. One of the traditional spring rituals is to give the house a good turning out.  After a long and difficult winter we have the urge to open the windows to let fresh air fill our homes.  We also find the need to clean off the winter's accumulated grime from the panes so we can see Spring coming to life in our yards more clearly.

   This window metaphor is very apt for the contemplative photographer as well.   Our contemplative eyes connect to our hearts as much as our brains.  Through visual listening and visual journaling/sketching exercises, we free our soul to communicate directly with the landscape.  It will then let us know what we need to photograph.

   As we slowly awaken from our winter rest, stretch our limbs and again venture out into our beloved landscape, remember to do a little spiritual housecleaning first.  Wash off the cloudy film that detracts from your ability to see clearly what is in front of you and throw open the windows to your soul and let the breath of the divine flow in.

   Check out the link below to learn more about the traditions surrounding the Spring Equinox, or to be fair to our southern hemisphere friends, the March Equinox...

Celebrating the Vernal Equinox
  I won't be opening my windows any time soon with the 12" of new snow that fell yesterday! This is the view from Emerson's pillow, where he normally enjoys watching the world go by. No chance of that, he can't even see the road!

    Sigh..."This too shall pass"...and I hope it's soon!



Lisa Gordon said...

I won't be opening mine either. :-(
We don't have any new snow, but at 27 degrees, yes, the windows will stay closed, and the long underwear on!!

Patricia Turner said...

I think we will all have a much greater appreciation of spring when it finally gets here! I think that is the plus side to this endless winter. The first day I can walk barefoot in the grass will be a religious experience to be sure!