Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Thought for Today - Mary Oliver

   Human beings are imagining creatures.  We live our lives desiring to know and anticipate everything.  But, as Mary Oliver urges, we should keep a small space in our hearts for the unimaginable.

   This term is often associated with catastrophe.  The unimaginable destruction of a tsunami for instance.  I prefer to view it in a more positive light.  The most amazing and awe inspiring sights and insights can be unimaginable in our day to day lives.  We think of them as isolated and maybe even "once in a life time" occurrences.

   I think they happen far more frequently.  These divine whisperings often go unheard because we are too busy attending to more "important" things.  Perhaps we don't think "divine whisperings" are meant for ordinary ears, as if we are not worthy somehow.  How very wrong that thinking is.

   I am reading a small book about the "Showings" of Julian of Norwich, the 13th century English mystic.  She gave voice to many unimaginable ideas for her time and had no problem hearing the divine whispers.  I think, however, that she would reject the thought that these" unimaginable whisperings" are either unique or exclusive to mystics.  As Carl Jung advises,

The soul is an entity endowed with the consciousness
 of its relationship to deity.

    We are, according to Jung, hard wired to hear these whisperings.  So the lesson here is to let yourself hear them, leave room in your heart for these unimaginable experiences.  (I guess that's two thoughts for today...a bonus!)

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