Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Signs of the Season - Maine's own form of March madness!

   It was a beautiful skies and above freezing temperatures for a change. A perfect day to celebrate a Maine tradition....Maple Syrup Sunday, a sure sign of the spring season.  Visiting a local farm was my way of celebrating March Madness - much more rewarding for this contemplative soul than spending the day in front of the tv watching basketball!

   The inside of the sap house was a wonderful place of warmth and good smells, not to mention the sweet delight of maple syrup on ice cream.  I love this sign of the season!

    Unfortunately, it hasn't been a good year for those here in Western Maine who run sap lines.  Last year, my friend at this farm did 60 gallons of the golden syrup.  This year it is only 10 gallons.  The weather has just been too cold for the sap to run and now that the sun is strengthening the season will shortly be done.

  I enjoyed the afternoon and even managed to be transfixed by the reflections on the side of the sap evaporator!  I guess my photographer's eye is never really turned off and that's fine.  It certainly didn't impede my enjoyment of the event.

   Buying local is an important way to support farmers in your area and I encourage you to seek them out.  Bring your camera along when you visit the farms and farm stands and see what inspires you!  You will be helping out local farmers and getting better food for yourself...any photographs you may gather in the process is just an added bonus!


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