Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inspired by Diane Hanna...

Story Photograph by Diane Hanna
   You can find inspiration absolutely anywhere.  I found it in a fabric store in Cornish, Maine.  There, between the scissors and bolts of colorful cloth was a display of the story pictures of Diane Hanna who lives in Massachusetts.

   For me, all photographs are stories and reading the image is a delight.  With Diane's work, the words become part of the image.    I was immediately attracted to one especially poignant writing...

Sometimes you just know there is more out there....or in there.  Sometimes things have stayed too long in one place. Climb a fence or better yet, a roof.  Sniff the wind for clues. Study the clouds for signs.  Listen to the heart's occasional skitterings.  Ready yourself.  There is wonder yet to come.

   This could be the contemplative photographer's manifesto!   With my threshold pilgrimage less than two months away, the last line set off bells in my brain. 

    Yes, there is wonder yet to come but there is also wonder all around us everyday.  You simply have to listen to the heart's "occasional sketterings" and "sniff the wind for clues".  That would make a great lead in for a visual listening exercise!

   Tomorrow I'll talk about two more unlikely places I found inspiration recently...    

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