Friday, November 7, 2014

The Poetry of Place: November Comes to the Pond

November Night

Silent black woods wait

'round a sleeping,
moonlit pond

Owls keep watch with me

Haiku #10

   I went to sit by the pond one night.  I didn't take my camera.  I just wanted to experience the silence of the pond on a cold November moonlit night.  Owls were my only company although I heard a distant rustle in the woods behind me.  Perhaps another curious animal intent on seeking solace by the pond.

    I wrote the haiku when I got back and struggled with the idea for an image to accompany it.  With the new open-mindedness the pond has brought me, I took a tree branch image I'd made a few days before and solarized it.  It was exactly the effect I wanted to accompany the haiku and my experience at the pond that night 

   Again, the pond gives me a wonderful insight into its poetic soul.  The delicate branches edged in white foretell the frosty nights to come.  The moon light is subtly suggested.  The pond is turning am I.


kimmanleyort said...

Beautifully abstract image. I look forward to winter at the pond.

Patricia Turner said...

As do I Kim. I've been so transfixed by the reflections the lack of them when the ice freezes will force me into a new relationship to this special place.