Thursday, November 6, 2014

Season of the Soul...

   In yesterday's post I spoke of November as being the in between time; neither autumn nor winter, it rests on the threshold.  Thresholds are always special places to be...on the cusp of becoming.  It is not hard to understand why our ancestors saw this time of year as magical one.

Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of Nature.

- Friedrich Nietzche

   I think I would agree with Nietzche but I feel that soulfulness more profoundly in November than in any other month.  In November the trees, as well as ourselves, are striped bare and we are left with only the skeletal essence of each.  It is an in-turning time.  As we lock tight the windows and light the fires, we touch at some of the most elemental facets of our being.  We prepare for the harsh reality to come and draw closer to the hearth for its reassuring warmth.

  For a month that begins with the back-to-back holidays of All Saints and All Souls days, it stands to reason that we feel equipped to wrap around us the blanket of reverence for the past.  It is only right that our camera work should become deeper and more inward facing as well.

   I was captivated by this solitary oak leaf carrying on its back what looks like glittering gems. Amongst the rotting leaves that surround it, it seemed to glisten and sparkle in the subdued late afternoon light.  I'm not sure why I thought it was such a wonder filled sight but I did.  Every single time I visit the pond I am treated to some such moment of enchantment.  It is the aura of November that has me in its grasp I think.  I expect to see magic...and I do!



kimmanleyort said...

I've been noticing this about November too. A neighbour once told me that by November 15th there would be no leaves left on the trees. It is November 6th and the last week has been a brilliant show of the red-leaved trees reaching their peak. On the threshold, for sure. Your oak leaf seems to be enjoying this in-between time too.

Patricia Turner said...

All decked out in its glimmering "gems", on it's way to the ball! I know many people who dislike November but it is one of my favorite months!

Carol said...

Hands down one of my favorite months -particularly in New England! I love the way you noticed this leaf all dressed up with someplace to go -great story for the little guy!

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Carol! Yes, he was off to the ball for sure!