Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Poetry of Place: 29 October, 2014

Rain on Water
   Raindrops and Reflections, I'm so glad I went to the pond that day.  Things are certainly changing now that the foliage is nearly gone.  The  grey and white trunks of the birch trees are adding a love linear effect to the reflections.  Tiny splashes of falling rain peppered the water's surface.  It was hard to know where to aim my camera!  The grey skies made photographing the water much easier and I loved the softness it added to the image but it was the raindrops that added a whole new and exciting element to the image.

   The pond has nearly regained all the water it lost during the dry August and September we had.  October and November always brings the fall rains and those of us with our own wells are very happy about that.

    This is the first time I have tried to photograph the pond in the rain.  It was a bit of a challenge but I'm generally pleased with some of the images I received.  It is just another poetic dimension of this place.  Before the rain started, it was the leaves that were gently settling on the surface of the water.  The pond was speckled with little yellow floating leaves drifting along.  Pushed by a gentle breeze.
Rain Circles

 There was a solitary feeling to the pond on that day.  It didn't feel "empty", without the vivid fall foliage to dress up the shore.  It seemed quiet and very dignified to me...like a lovely lady who has removed her jewelry but still remains striking in her simplicity.

   Here and there a single yellow leaf floated serenely over its decaying compatriots. Yes, serenity would be the perfect word for this day by the pond. I'm so glad a little rain didn't keep be from experiencing another dimension of this enchanting place.

I have a room all to myself; it is nature.  -Henry David Thoreau


April Siegfried said...

A beautiful series of images in this particular place, at that particular moment in time.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you, April. Each time I visit the pond something new is revealed...about the place and the photographer.

kimmanleyort said...

Your images are becoming more abstract and mystical. I look forward to seeing what you discover.

Patricia Turner said...

They certainly are and it really surprises and delights me! Makes me wonder what the winter will bring!